When you walk through our door, you are family. Once you sit at our table, you will be served from our kitchen as if you were in our home. Our focus relies on honest, healthy and exciting food that honors our parents' heritage and our dynamic city alike.



Chef of the Month

Chef Lam is originally from Saigon. He began his career as a dishwasher in Chinatown when he first arrived in New York in 1979. He and his mother had fled Vietnam as refugees and were separated before she landed in Toronto and he in the US. He worked his way up in the industry and was eventually hired as prep cook at The Marriott Hotel. Through hard work and dedication, Chef Lam eventually helped a few Vietnamese restaurants get off the ground in both New York and Toronto before partnering up and opening District Saigon in 2016.

Chef Lam remembers his mother sharing recipes from a little red book every time she prepared a family meal—recipes passed down from generation to generation—and today they serve as the creative foundation of District Saigon.

Chef Lam's working legacy is in his commitment to the ritual of a family dinner every night, and now we at District Saigon are he to share it with you.